This is the story of a very special bond between an unlikely pair: a mailman and a dog. If this were a cartoon, there would be barking and yelling, and the two would be content with that routine every time they saw each other. But not these two.
This mailman and this dog have a very special connection. Jeff Kramer, the mailman, loved visiting with Tashi. They had little bonding sessions every day when Jeff dropped off the mail - until Jeff noticed something changed one day.
Jeff noticed Tashi was having a hard time getting down the stairs and so their visits stopped.
Jeff decided to do something about it. He saw that Tashi's family had to carry her down the stairs, and he came up with a solution. He had some wood pieces in his yard that he decided he could put to good use.
He built her a ramp, so she could continue to come down to the yard without her owners having to carry her. And most importantly, she could come say hi and get pets whenever he dropped off the mail. So sweet!
Make sure you watch the video so you can see how happy she is to be able to get up and down the ramp and visit with Jeff. And don't forget to share this heart warming act of kindness with your family and friends!
Mailman and dog form special bond
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