Dog was abandoned by her family twice. Then, a heiress steps in to save the day

Susannah Wollman
Contributing Writer


Contributing Writer
Talk about a rags to riches story! An aging black labrador retriever named Lady was abandoned by the family she had loved, not once, but twice. The first time she was left at the shelter in Kansas, she walked thirty miles to get back to the family. Then, with hardened hearts, her people returned her to the shelter. Poor Lady would have to spend the rest of her days in a shelter. And then Lady’s luck changed.
“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.” ~Sydney Jeanne Seward. And blessed is the senior dog who finds someone to love for the remaining years of her life! Wrigley’s Gum heiress Helen Rich, who has a habit of adopting animals that might otherwise never leave the shelters who have taken them in, today has over 300 rescued animals living on her 130 acre Florida estate.



Lucky Lady fits right in with Ms. Rich’s menagerie, and is definitely loved by her rescuer. “She needed a home right now, not later,” said Ms. Rich, who sent her staff to bring Lady home in a private plane.
Lady goes everywhere on the farm with her benefactor, and she loves being together.
Now that Lady is part of the family, she will certainly enjoy her remaining years here, as part of a family that values each member for every unique characteristic.
Sadly, many senior dogs given to shelters never find another home. Part of that is because, having spent the majority of their years as part of a family, being put in a shelter causes depression and anxiety. They don't act like themselves, so people don't get to see the real treasure in their hearts.
Thankfully, Lady's story is different. She's happy now, and part of a family that will make sure she stays that way.
Because Ms. Rich is interested in only one thing: happy endings!
Do you have a senior pet? Or maybe you have room for a new dog in your own home. Consider making the final years of a senior dog happy ones by rescuing one from your local animal shelter. You cannot imagine the joy it will bring, both to you and your new, older dog!
Millionaire Heiress Adopts Dog Abandoned Twice By Family  
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